Where Did I Go?

Shit it's been a while. I apologize for the lack of updates but things have been so damn busy lately. The tracklisting is coming together at around 10 songs with a potential for 1 or 2 more. Soon I will be creating a blog over at WordPress for the new album specifically. yeah sucka!


New Single: Alive Like You

from the upcoming album: The Diaries of Cam DeBarcho

Chad Macomber introduces you to his brand new sound and next offering from the forthcoming album titled "The Diaries of Mr. Cam DeBarcho." The instrumentals feature a dark dance beat with melodic vocals and a mariachi style trumpet. 

The song tells the story of a person that has become dissatisfied with themselves and creates a false persona to hide who they really are. This causes a feeling of self-doubt, insecurity and the eventual inner battle between the personalities. The story is told from the trapped original persona as he/she longs to be the person they have created for the public. The music captures the dynamic conflict between the two personalities with the true personality being the main character.

Macomber reaches out to unlikely influences such as Lady Gaga,  and Maroon 5 to bring together a dance track with a latin feel. Without further ado we at Ashes to Embers provide you with Chad Macomber's new single....

Available for free download for a limited time. Click here to download

Thanks to A-Lyn Photography for the use of the image


Love Shaped Poster

This is the promo poster for the new single. Things are heating up over here, and the music is absolutely rolling along. Keep following and keep listening. Thanks


Fun with GarageBand part 2

On installment of Chad Macomber's Fun with GarageBand we find Chad Macomber at a beach party on the beach. Enjoy the sounds on songs of the ocean and sand. It was inspired by the many beach parties on the beach in Jamaica. Free download below.

Beach Pahty On Da Beach


Fun with GarageBand part 1

Recently I received about a million GarageBand loops from my buddy Marcin and I've been messing around with them to get the feel of the program. Normally I record on ProTools but I like the software instruments and loops on Apple's GarageBand. A few of my new songs require some complex sounds that I can only do with in GarageBand so I decided to screw around with it for a while. This is one I threw together last night. I played no instruments. It's only loops and midi. Check it:



We're On YouTube

We're always looking for the best ways to spread the word about the new music. This time around we decided to throw it out on YouTube. It's really the easiest way for people to tell their friends about it. Just send them on over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EebJs5vW-jI to hear the song with a shot of the single art, and please send people over to YouTube check it out.